Tuesday, November 6, 2012

CieLJ Cravings: Vikings, Marikina

Eating at Vikings Luxury Buffet was a dreaaaam... LoL! My dad got to eat here even before I did and super inggit!!! 

It was a good thing that Vikings in SM Marikina recently opened and they offered some promos. We immediately grabbed it! 

Alou was celebrating her birthday so she ended up eating for free. But even without that treat, since we liked and shared the Vikings Marikina Facebook page, we could get 20% off! yey! To make it even more fun, Alou treated us! so double yey!!! 

Some of the choices were great, some were ok, some can be classified as a 'miss.' It all depends on your taste. The good thing about eating at Viking is the variety. If you don't like a particular cuisine, then just skip it, and you still have dozens more options to try.

As for me, I started with some Japanese food... 

Jake grabbed us some baked oysters... later on Alou decided to add more cheese and bacon, pamatay

Some shrimps, shabu-shabu and mantao 

Great selection of spreads, cheese and caviar! 

The salad bar... that I ignored, tee-hee! 

All the Makis and Sushis that you can eat! 

Dessert! Dessert! Dessert! Sometimes, buffet spreads don't really give a lot of value to their desserts. They provide ice cream, some bland tasting cakes and candies. That is not the case at Vikings. It felt like you're in an actual pastry shop that specializes in desserts.  I think I went back at least three times, one for each station!  


There are waiters everywhere, and they work fast. They'll clear away the dirty plates and used glasses without you even asking. 

This is my new favorite buffet place now. *big grin!*

Vikings: A Feast from the Sea
SM Marikina 

Mobile: 0917-8766888; 0919 9993888
Landline: 570-3888; 570-4888; 570-5888


  1. I went there days ago. The service team were great!

  2. I totally agree! They work fast and all smiles :)


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